Guidelines to the Use of Images

Over the years many people have approached me, asking for permission for the use of my images. The images (and all the other work here) is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (Australia) Licence.

The human-readable general rules of this are as follows:

Non-commercial use is unrestricted

This includes:

  • Use in local (hospital, university) training resources
  • Use in personal website (FOAM, etc)
  • Use in non-commercial publications, eg. for case reports or review papers published in medical journals

Attribution share-alike license basically allows you to use the images and to adapt them in whatever way you like, provided you maintain some basic manners:

  • Attribution (eg. "image courtesy of Alex Yartsev,")
  • Share-alike continuity (wherever possible the image should be available under the same sort of share-alike license)

Commercial use of these images needs to be negotiated

As these images are offered for free, it would appear unfair to include them in a publication which somebody is expected to pay for, and to make a profit out of them. This sort of use might include:

  • Use in a commercially distributed textbook chapter
  • Use in a paywalled "premium" website
  • Use in a private college or university course

In such cases I usually will not object anyway, but a discussion needs to take place- please contact me.